Use Type

Residential Use Types

  • Single Family Home / Condominium
  • Multifamily Homes: 2-6 Units
  • Medium – Large Apartment Buildings

No matter how big or small your home may be it’s a big deal to us that you have been empowered with the power of choice. The average sized American home occupied by a family can save 10%-15% monthly on their energy supply costs and any way you shake it that’s good savings! Tough times call for savings wherever you can find them.  So contact one of our home energy procurement specialists and take advantage of the power of choice.

An average fully occupied 2-6 family home could see savings from 15%-25% of their energy supply cost whether it be electricity or natural gas. Practical thinking has gotten you to this point so whether you are still with your local utility or already enrolled with an ESCO its time to make the next big decision. Contact one of our multifamily procurement specialists and be empowered with the power of choice.

Professional Use Types:

  • Retail Business
  • Office Building
  • Shopping Centers / Malls
  • Manufacturing / Industrial
  • Hotels / Hospitality
  • Hospitals
  • Municipalities
  • Schools

The day to day operation of any business is a full time, life-consuming affair. We all know how many different components must be dealt with on a daily basis, that’s why we would like to help simplify the task of satisfying your energy supply needs at the best possible rate with the most favorable terms. We’re sure most would agree that the key to any successful business is to minimize costs and maximize profits. Although we cannot help you in the profit maximization and customer retention arena we can certainly help with cost reduction and price control. We understand the needs of different size businesses, we understand the different usage patterns and demand requirements needed in different industries. So whether you are still with your local utility or if you have already switched to an ESCO one of our procurement specialist would be happy to consult with you to assure that you are get the best deal on all of your Electric and Natural Gas supply charges.